About Us

Message Infusion is a full-service communications agency with an intensive focus upon harnessing the power of media relations and writing to drive corporate communications efforts, from conception to execution. Message Infusion provides a unique ability to identify how strategic communication can directly impact brand awareness and company valuation, complemented by an unsurpassed understanding of how to leverage the dynamics of today’s fast-changing media world — reaching desired target audiences through both traditional media, and the ever-evolving world of Internet-driven media.

With a critical understanding of how to leverage innovation, market trends and competitive landscape for public relations benefit, strategic infusion of target messages into media relations can deliver a more credible and affordable means to create desired actions or change. Whether translating complex technology innovation into compelling real-world stories that address end users’ daily problems, or creating entirely new demand for a technology or consumer product new to the market… Message Infusion understands how to leverage the power of communications for dynamic impact to captivate key media influencers and the target audiences they reach.

Headquartered in Westford, Massachusetts, Message Infusion provides a full range of communications services to companies across the United States or looking to reach the U.S. market.